Working in Tandem

[tan•dem :  alongside each other; together]


 Better together? We think so.
Tandem Ceramics is maker-coordinated every step of the way. We have managed to find the perfect alchemy of our mediums, handing you the best of both worlds. In both printmaking and pottery there is a rhythm and repetition in making, which is why the word 'tandem' is so fitting. We combine clever function and one-of-a-kind nature inspired imagery. The final product…ceramics fit for you and your abode. We hope you enjoy our work as much as we do making it.

Justine and Grant are a wife-and-husband dynamic duo, and Tandem Ceramics is as much a collaboration of their creative lives together as makers as it is a description of their creative process. Delighted by foraging, flower-arranging, and all things culinary, Justine formulates food-specific shapes through trial and discovery. Grant — a fly fisherman and nature boy — crafts original block prints and drawings inspired by his adventures. By putting their heads together, they find forms and images that sync up quite nicely. 

 Justine Barrett Figura and Grant Figura both have a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Alfred University. Their studio is located in a former factory-turned-artists-studios at the Arts and Industry building in Florence, Massachusetts.